About Us

Black Pool, a member of the DH Group established in 2000, stands as a prominent Bitumen and bituminous producer in the Middle East. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing complex reflects numerous years of experience in producing various bitumen grades and petroleum products. We proudly engage in trading and supplying oil products to foreign markets, spanning Iran, China, India, Turkey, South Asia, and beyond.

Core Values :

Quality Product: Committed to delivering high-standard products.

Honesty: Upholding transparency in all business dealings.

We are Reachable: Ensuring accessibility for effective communication.

Professional and Qualified: Maintaining a professional and qualified team.

Highly Professional Staff: A workforce dedicated to excellence.

Environmental Sensitivity: Prioritizing eco-friendly practices.

Accurate Testing Processes: Ensuring precision in product quality.

- Personalized Solutions: Tailoring solutions to meet unique client needs.